Capital DeliveryCapital Delivery

Founded in 1923 and incorporated in 1966 in Sacramento, California, Capital
Delivery Systems has been operating as a general delivery service throughout
California and the extended Reno, Nevada area. Capital Delivery Systems
offers a wide range of services including next day small parcel delivery, 2
day small parcel delivery, courier services, warehousing, delivery manage-
ment, and variety of other services related to product logistics.

Whether it’s a critical document or your consumer
goods, we can help. If you’re looking for
efficient, streamlined service look no further…
we’ll give you personal service at a savings
of up to 50% of national carriers.
You've probably come to expect to pay extra for things like residential delivery, re-routing a shipment or a Saturday delivery. Capital Delivery Systems changes all that. Whenever you need any of these additional services we'll provide them at no additional fee.
Our operation is designed for maxi-
mum efficiency. Our procedures are stream-lined, we use the latest data capture technology, and every task we perform is an essential one. Our prices are some of the best
around, and while we
may cut on costs for
you, we never, ever
cut on quality.

That's real value--that's
a Capital Delivery
System's promise.